Protect the beauty and durability of all natural and man-made surfaces

Do you have, or are you considering an investment in Stone and Tile materials, such as Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Slate or any of the many man-made cement pavers?

Most of the natural and man-made stone surfaces have some degree of porosity, which exposes the stone to unsightly stains from such things as grease, oil, vegetable dyes, lipsticks, red wine, graffiti as well as efflorescence and water stains.

I have the solution!

After many years of research and experience, during which time I have become an accredited applicator for 3 International companies who manufacture top-quality sealing & cleaning products, I have perfected strategies and procedures to seal and protect many different types of stone surfaces.

One size does not fit all when it comes to professional sealing!

I have products and procedures to give long-lasting protection including a Premium grade Penetrating sealer, a colour-enhancing sealer, as well Italian wax polishes for interior applications. My research and years of experience has enabled me to fit the exact sealer to the exact application.

Another service I offer is that I specialise in the rectification/stripping of stone services where previous sealers have failed, or perhaps time and the elements have caused damage and deterioration. Stain removal, the polishing and grinding of marble and other stone surfaces, as well as the repair of cracked and broken tiles and grout are all part of my field of expertise.

By utilizing my services you will find that the man who quotes the work does the work! 

And when those dirty grout joints are spoiling your floor, I have the technology to clean them and then seal the joints, so that ease of cleaning is assured.

Products Used

My first choice is a “state of the art” Penetrating sealer, which has the following characteristics:-

Minimises Mould & Moss Growth
Repels Oil & Food Stains
Has “Natural-Look” Finish
Allows Moisture & Vapour Transmission
Protects against Salt Damage
Reduces Water-Uptake
Protects against Weather & Wearing
Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Facilitates EASY Future Maintenance

The specially engineered molecules in this sealer penetrate deeper into porous materials and bond chemically inside the pores of the material without blocking them. This creates a deep barrier of protection within your tiles, paving, natural stone, grout etc, which not only protects against staining but against other serious damage, such as salt efflorescence.


One of my favourite products for this application is a water-based blend of acrylic polymers and provides both a stain-resistant surface seal and a durable low-sheen finish. It is suitable for both interior & exterior situations and is ideal for saltillo, slate, terracotta, sandstone & quarry tiles.

Another choice is an Italian liquid wax, ideal for interior unpolished natural stone, especially terracotta. This wax gives a Medium-sheen finish, and ensures easy future maintenance.


I provide simple written maintenance instructions for all the products I use, and can also supply the appropriate cleaning chemicals, to enable my clients to easily maintain their newly cleaned & sealed surfaces in optimum condition.