Restoring and Rectifying

  • Rectification Service

Struggling to clean your floor? Finding your floor too slippery? We have the answer!

Unfortunately many people fall victim to uninformed advice and shoddy workmanship. The good news is that the team at the Tile and Stone Doctor is able to rectify these problems and restore your floor to its original glory.

Does your floor lack the exact finish you desire?

Fortunately, we are able to professionally and efficiently STRIP any incorrect coating that was applied to your floor. We will give you expert advice regarding the correct coating that needs to be applied to your floor to give you the perfect finish you are after.

Are you struggling to clean and maintain your floor?

Many people are unable to thoroughly clean and maintain their floors. This is often because the floor was not treated after it was laid, or the incorrect treatment was applied. We will strip away any incorrect treatment and professionally apply the correct treatment for your floor. After this, cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze!

Scared of an accident from all that slipping and sliding on your floor?

Allow our expert team to apply a top quality skid resistant treatment that has a wonderful natural look. Now you can enjoy the glamour of porcelain and other tiles without the fear of nasty falls and injuries.

Defiant stains ruining the look?

Contact the Tile and Stone Doctor about removing stubborn stains from tiles and stones. Incredibly, we have even had success removing stains from terracotta tiles!

Is your floor a health hazard?

When it comes to restaurants and other establishments, a healthy floor is essential. This means a floor that is both slip resistant and easy to clean. Contact us for the perfect solution for your flooring that allows for both hygiene and safety.