Stone Restoration

There are many problems that can occur with stone that has been laid in your home or business. No matter whether the stone is an interior or exterior feature, it can deteriorate with time. The Tile and Stone Doctor is able to restore stone to its original glory.

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Restoring and Rectifying

Fortunately, we are able to professionally and efficiently strip any incorrect coating that was applied to your floor. We will give you expert advice regarding the correct coating that needs to be applied to your floor to give you the perfect finish you are after.

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Radical Stripping & Cleaning

At the Tile and Stone Doctor we have experience cleaning, sealing and treating all types of tile and stone surfaces. No matter the type of surface you have in mind, we have the experience and know-how to tackle the job with ease.

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Welcome to the Tile and Stone Doctor!

We provide tile and stone solutions throughout the Gold Coast!

With more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, we are the local ‘go to’ experts for all your tile and stone needs on the Gold Coast. No matter what kind of tile or stone needs to be restored, we have the skills, expertise, products and equipment to take care of it for you.

Professional tile and stone services for your convenience

At the Tile and Stone Doctor we understand how frustrating it is when your tile and stone surfaces are not what they should be. It could be that the incorrect sealant was applied. Or that time and the elements have simply taken their toll. There are many reasons why your tile and stone surfaces might be looking less than ideal. No matter the cause, we can provide the perfect remedy.

Call the Tile and Stone Doctor – your local stripping, cleaning, sealing and rectification specialist!

Protect your investment as well as the appeal and safety of your property.

Basalt, limestone, granite, marble, sandstone, terracotta, terrazzo, slate, and manmade cement pavers are all a form of investment for your property. Most of these stones have some degree of porosity, making them vulnerable to all kinds of unsightly stains. That’s where we come in: we will strip, clean, seal and rectify all your stone surfaces.

With the Tile and Stone Doctor your tile and stone surfaces will look like new – and maintain that glorious appearance for a long time!